The R3gister originated from an IM conversation between prozac (owner of Satria R3 #006, first retail model) and I (#007) in December 2004, just barely a month from collecting our spanking new Satria R3 cars. Inspired by the Lancer Register moniker, The R3gister was first coined by prozac and stuck like stone since. The perfect name for the website and club.

The R3gister acts as THE official blog and resource site for everything R3 – Race Rally Research and also acts as a support site for Satria R3 (SR3), Neo R3 (NR3), Waja MME and Gen.2 MME owners. Catch the latest news, insider information, commentary and info on R3 and more!

The R3gister has grown from a mere blog (having gone through 3 revisions) to also a forum (

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The R3gister is supported by R3 but it is not in anyway affilliated or endorsed by R3 or Proton.