Proton Satria Neo R3 Supercharged

Late last year, Proton Motorsports or R3, showcased a saliva-inducing 180bhp turbocharged Satria Neo R3 shocker at KLIMS 2010. Never to be ones to rest on their laurels, they unveiled a supercharged prototype, outputting a yummilicious 180bhp and 200Nm torque, last month. Exterior-wise, the car houses a bodykit similar to last year’s Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition, with a black paint finish, red highlights and gold trimmings. The interior features the contrasty red and black combination, synonymous with previous generation R3 vehicles.

Satria Neo R3 Supercharged

The supercharger is sourced from Australia, from a company called Sprintex. Early in the year Proton design house Proreka signed a MOU with ATG to establish a JV Sprintex supercharger manufacturing facility in Malaysia and to market and distribute ATG’s Sprintex® supercharger product range in the ASEAN region and Japan. The establishment of JV with Proreka would reduce ATG’s supercharger costs by approximately 50%.

Satria Neo R3 Supercharged

Will we see supercharged Protons in the near future? We certainly hope so!

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